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  • Kuşgözü Çakma Makinası

    BirdEye Catching Machine (Single Channel) KM 6400

    BirdEye Catching Machine (Single Channel) KM 6400 Semi Automatic eyepiece single channel Kanmak Makina KM 6400 Single channel eyepiece machine has semi-automatic feature. When desired, 1.7 mm and 28 mm ornamental molds can be made and more product types can be made. Versatile, KM 6400 Machine is easy to use, simple product Switching technology, adjustable […]

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  • Eyeletting Machine KM 400K

    19,999.99  +KDV

    Eyeletting Machine KM 400K Kanmak Makina KM 400K Modell Electric Eyeletting Machine It works with 220 volts of electricity. Electronic control system available It works by machine pressing technique. The workpiece is placed on the upper and lower chambers of the machine and the presser foot presses the workpiece by the pressure force of the […]

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