Kanmak Makina Delivery Information and Conditions

We can provide Sales and Delivery all over Turkey. The deliveries of your orders are made by the cargo companies that we deal with under the guarantee of KANMAK MACHINE. Deliveries are made to you at the delivery address that you indicated at the time of ordering or to the 2nd person specified by you (only for ID card).

Orders that you have given on a weekday until 4:00 pm on Saturday and half day will be processed on the same day if the products are stokta. Orders placed outside these hours will be processed within the first business day.

Orders that you have received will be delivered to cargo within 3 working days after the order is placed. The products you have ordered can be delivered on all days (Saturday and half day) except for official holidays and market days.

Your cargo is absolutely next to your cargo officer. If your product is damaged, please prepare a damaged product statement and contact us by phone or e-mail. Yada can send back the product and / or products along with the invoice along with this minutes. When the products arrive, the problem will be resolved as soon as possible and your new products will be shipped to you again at our shipping costs.

Orders that are delivered by cargo are delivered to the cargo company together with the invoice and the invoice if a different invoice address is not specified. Your invoices generated by your order are an integral part of your shipped order. Your order is delivered to you in a transparent plastic pocket bag in a parcel box outside your order’s order. If for any reason the invoice is not delivered to you by the cargo company within this pocket, please remind to the cargo authority and ask the delivery of the receipt. Please keep a record of the invoice that can not be delivered despite all of your requests and report the situation in the “Customer Service” section or by telephone. As soon as you will be sent a copy of the original like a stained copy.

If you have specified a different address as your billing address, you will be shipped by delivery note, and the bill will be mailed separately to the billing address you indicated.

Order and Delivery

You can follow up all stages of the products / products you have purchased from the order to the delivery. In addition, when necessary, information about the status of your order will be automatically notified to you by e-mail. You can also contact our Customer Service Department at (0212) 5195389 (pbx) to get information.

If you would like to find out which order your order is in, you can see your order number by selecting “Order Tracking”.