Our past, today’s treasure, is the guide of our future …
With honorable and enthusiastic diligence, we made our first steps in 1980 with Bayram KAN …

We started to buy and sell textile machines …
The support of our friends, with the courage of blending our customers’ desire and hard work with honorable business ethics, we are pleased to offer our first electric hammer machine to Turkey’s service.
We are now 26 years of experience, with the pride of being first, and with the positive feedback we have received from our friends, we have begun production at world standards.

We continued our leap forward with loyalty to our leading position … We have manufactured the first Biha Machine and Needle Table. Then, starting from our dreams, we started our first exports.
We continued to develop our technological inventory … We also started to manufacture manual presses, pulsed presses with arms, presses for hand tools for presses, presses for presses, fabric cutters.
We have strengthened our international position by increasing the exports of our various machines.
We have established our first factory as a prominent medar of our international posture.
We put our portable overlock machine and carpet shaver into our inventory.
We started to produce automatic accessory shoemaking machines and riveting machines.
We have also brought pearl dropping units to our production inventory.
We are committed to our values ​​with the understanding of stud machines, machine tools, carpet edge overlock machines, needle cut tiles, pastal spreading equipment, spare parts and after sales service …

It is our first priority to receive satisfaction and smooth sales service with our customers

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